Book Writing Magic

It's easy to write your first or next book fast! Book Writing Magic shows you how to get your message out there fast! Do the "work" once, reap the rewards for years to come! Claim your share of the attention, profit and fame. Get started on your book today!

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The Versatile Marketing Tool Kit

Once your book is written, you have easy access to over 24 additional ways to reach out to your best customers, with almost no additional work! Your book is like a Swiss Army knife- a complete marketing toolkit to make the dollars roll in.


Launch Your Speaking Career

Experts have published books! If you want folks to sit up and listen when you talk, or take your sales call, or give you an appointment, writing your own book is a great start. Plus, it provides you with something to sell...once you stop talking!


Your Knowledge Has Power

Share your knowledge and experience to help others. Your message is important. If you can help others save time, money, hardship, or worry...or light their path to a better life, it is your duty not to hold back. As we help others, we help ourselves too.


Leave a Lasting Legacy

Sadly, none of us gets out alive! But all that we've worked to achieve, our hard-earned knowledge can be left behind, in a book that will be treasured for generations. How will you be remembered 100 years from now? What will you tell your great-grand kids?